Monday, June 29, 2009

So I didn't make anything.....

Okay, last Sunday I was planning on making some soap. Well, I didn't make any soap that day or any other day since. I was disappointed in myself at first. Then I was glad that I was otherwise busy with my soap. I spent most of my free time this week, re-cutting my soap. I cut down full size bars to make samples bars. checked inventory, supplies, made a shopping list, and networked (by phone, email & Facebook). So Thursday, Friday & Sunday, I was on the road. I delivered soap. Alot of soap. Two people I threw in some rolls. (they had been asking for some).

Two people I delivered to on Thursday, called Saturday night wanting full size on Sunday. So now, what I had in the basement is almost gone. Well, by my standards. So the fun truly begins. I have some room to store new things. But I feel that my scrubs go faster than the soap. Go figure.

Next week I have a long weekend. I think I will work my butt off on all my other "things", so I can have a soaping weekend. sound good? Sounds GREAT to me!

Have a good week and Happy Soaping my friends. Talk to ya next week!

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Taking a break

Today is raining and just a blah day. I am taking a break from the house "revamping", I think after catching up on my blog roll, I will make some.....soap! Yes, I said it. Now I am gonna do it.

I have alot of fragrance leftovers. You know, alittle here, alittle there. So, I will be on a mission to use them ALL today. Some way, some how.

I will let you know how I or they do!

Wish me luck!

Friday, June 19, 2009


Well, I am back. It has been awhile. I have so much going on and really didn't feel like writing.

I have had some major changes come into my life. I did not respond well to them. But everyday is getting better. While the major changes were unwanted, I have made some minor changes that were not really wanted but needed.

I have been changing things around the house. working so much that when I do get to bed, I just drop. I have made so kind of change in every room. The major changes, kitchen & my bedroom.
I love the changes! I never really used color before. My husband was a plain kind of man. So...... Color is the first word people say when they come over. The second...Wow!

My kitchen is a warm chestnut brown. For curtains, I went with a orange with small yellow & green flowers. Cleaned out cupboards, moved appliances around. I enjoy cooking much more.

My bedroom was soft beige walls, black & grey bedspread. Some ugly like beige & Burgundy curtains. Well, the walls are still the same color but the curtains are red. Yes, I said red. Bright red with white flowers. Bedspread is not quite done. (I am making) But it has red, black, & white in it. Brightened the room bunches.

I know my friend, Mary tells me all the time, "baby steps", but I had to take big kid steps right now. It is part of my grieving process. Everyone grieves in their own way and in their own time. this is how I am doing my.

I also have been exercising, losing weight, changed my hairstyle, growing my nails. Many changes now, let's see how long they last!