Friday, June 19, 2009


Well, I am back. It has been awhile. I have so much going on and really didn't feel like writing.

I have had some major changes come into my life. I did not respond well to them. But everyday is getting better. While the major changes were unwanted, I have made some minor changes that were not really wanted but needed.

I have been changing things around the house. working so much that when I do get to bed, I just drop. I have made so kind of change in every room. The major changes, kitchen & my bedroom.
I love the changes! I never really used color before. My husband was a plain kind of man. So...... Color is the first word people say when they come over. The second...Wow!

My kitchen is a warm chestnut brown. For curtains, I went with a orange with small yellow & green flowers. Cleaned out cupboards, moved appliances around. I enjoy cooking much more.

My bedroom was soft beige walls, black & grey bedspread. Some ugly like beige & Burgundy curtains. Well, the walls are still the same color but the curtains are red. Yes, I said red. Bright red with white flowers. Bedspread is not quite done. (I am making) But it has red, black, & white in it. Brightened the room bunches.

I know my friend, Mary tells me all the time, "baby steps", but I had to take big kid steps right now. It is part of my grieving process. Everyone grieves in their own way and in their own time. this is how I am doing my.

I also have been exercising, losing weight, changed my hairstyle, growing my nails. Many changes now, let's see how long they last!


  1. Welcome back my dear. I have missed your sunny disposition.

  2. Thanks, I missed being here & all my friends.

  3. Oh, Arnita, thank you for mentioning what I said! I am glad I can listen now and then. I have been so busy myself and I dislike missing out on posts.

    Your colors, especially the kitchen colors, sound so nice.

    I guess it is a good thing that you drop right away into bed. You are not laying awake thinking about things that will make you too tired the next day, which makes it more difficult to deal with the mental stuff that gets thrown at us.

    I have been eating better too (notice, I did nto call it the 4-letter D word)...but now I need you to encourage me (yep, your turn), to begin deliberate exercise. I do a lot, move around a lot, but this old body needs some tonin'!!!

    Take care.