Tuesday, May 26, 2009

More time coming...

The start of a new month sometimes brings just a "new" start. I have been told that my hours for the day care will be cut. I have lost one little boy because Mom is having her baby next week. then the other Mom is going on a Volunteer Layoff for three weeks. As with any other business, things are not great. They asked employees to please take time off.

So, now that I will only have three kids for the next few weeks, I have "time" to soap!! Hopefully, I can give my soaping some major time. I so miss it. I will do as much as I can because the month after, My hours increase. I guess I will be thinking and working on Fall and holiday soap.

Life is crazy at times. But I love life, so I just have to take my time, plan out my time and enjoy the ride!

Thursday, May 21, 2009

My hand at CP

This is my third attempt at making CP Soap. I made this one unscented. Three different oils. Today, I tested out a small piece. Lathered up good, Non drying. I should have used a scent.
I tested the other two I made the same day as I made this one. They were both Satsuma fragrance. (I love it.) But I used different oils in each.
They both turned out good. I think I like this CP stuff! I just hate the wait. I have now made five different types of CP. I want to make more but use different oils, Goat's Milk, and who knows what else. I will still do my MP, but I do enjoy the CP method alot.
Oh, I did hear back about that fair I was trying to get a booth at. It is a no go. They have all the vendors that they need. Then just yesterday, a friend called and wanted me to try and do a Farmer's Market. I can't do it because of the Day Care. I would have to find someone to run the booth for me and at this time I have no one. But have no fear! The show will go on. I have had my first repeat customers already!

Monday, May 18, 2009

Product Junkie...Who Me?

This picture was taken almost two weeks ago. These are just small box braids. They curled on their own. I haven't had any chemicals in my hair since October 2008.
I had my hair braided because I have decided to let my hair lock. People have said I am crazy, it takes to long, they look sloppy and I will look nuts! It is my hair and I want to try. Hey, if it doesn't work out or I change my mind...I shave my head and start all over. No big deal.
I would show a "now" picture but I haven't done anything to my hair since. But buy things! Many things! Too many things! I was never a product junkie. Strange huh? I mean, I am a girl. But I have always been a plain and simple girl. No time to primp, crimp, apply, reapply, gel, hairspray. Wash and go or curling iron, bump and I'm done. I had just the necessities. shampoo, conditioner, grease. I own two different sized curling irons, blow dryer, flat iron (daughter got me one, used one time.).
I went to Sally's over the weekend. Plus, I went to the supermarket. Now..... three different shampoos, three different conditioners, gel (hemp) five different oils (just for my hair). Apple Cider Vinegar, Liquid Amino's, Avocado's, clay. I can't see my dresser! I have five different silk/satin head wraps, bandannas, Two packs of shower caps. Clips bobby pins, I have it all. Then after reading a couple of blogs, there is more I want to try.
I think I am ready for whatever when it comes to my hair. I think I turned into those girls I hated in high school, minus the makeup!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Quiet times are learning experiences

To love like a child, to learn something new, to look at the world around us differently. Things change, people come and go. Some things stay the same. It never surprises me how true some statements are so true. Wise people before us, passing things down. You listen and think, "whatever". But when something happens that changes every thing around you including yourself, your mind goes back and you only remember half. You search for the rest and come up empty. When you are not even thinking about it anymore, BAM, to comes back and hits you like a ton of bricks.

I have always befriended older people. Older than myself. I love to listen to stories of the past, wise advice someone who has lived longer than I. Now, I know what they were talking about. You can listen but what you do with it matters most. I was told to live like I were dying, love like a child, & be ready to learn more and more each day.

I will take all of this and run with it. As things are changing so am I. I learned my lessons and am grateful for the knowledge that I now have. The future is what I see. It is bright and full of new things. I will take chances and not worry about what others say or feel. I will take the love of my family, cherish it and build upon it.

Life is good. It goes on and so will I!

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Cleaning up & out

I cleaned out a corner in the basement. went to Wal Mart and got some shelves. This is a start. I knew I had to do something. I was losing my mind. After doing this, I knew I had to make another trip to my store. (I need to have stock. I am there all the time) So, once I do that I will feel much better with my organization. Helps my OCD! My friend Mary said, "small, baby steps". She was right once again! Thanks Mary!

My first time..

I decided to try my hand at making soap the long way. I was first afraid of the lye (all the stories of mishaps) but what the heck. I went to the supermarket and get the oils. The basic three oil recipe. I could not find regular Palm oil so I got Red Palm oil. I didn't like the looks of it. I hated the smell of the Red Palm Oil. The Red Palm oil changed the color of the whole batch. I didn't want to add fragrance or color. Why waste it, costs to much to throw it away. This is what I got.
this is what I got after cutting the soap. Now comes the worse part. The wait. One thing I like about melt & pour, no wait! But I put my time in and waited.
Time is up! Still smelled bad. Nice and hard. I broke off a small piece and washed my hands. Not to much lather, smell wasn't as bad once I used it. My hands felt clean. Squeaky clean. Smell almost gone. Not bad for the first time. My fears are now gone. Not so bad. But I will keep this one for household use. I WILL try this again but this time with scent and color (maybe). Cheaper to make, easier to get some of the oils.
I am proud of myself. It is true what they say...you can teach an old dog new tricks!

No time..

I have not put any time aside to do ANY soaping. I have been cleaning and fixing things up. I think I am just about done except the painting the porch. I plan on doing more yard work Saturday morning.

I got the hair done last night. Like I had two hours to kill!! Well, while I was getting my hair done, I got a phone call. One friend calling mad. She was mad because she ran into another friend who talked about some of my soap. I laughed. Like she was the only one who had some. Well, then I got another call from another "friend", not really friend but we speak. She heard from someone else that I make soap and she wanted to come over right then and "smell". I am expecting her Friday.

While this makes me happy, I then realized that I need to get busy and start making some more soap. So, Friday night, I will be making soap. What kinds? Who knows what ever comes out of this crazy mind of mine.

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Happy Birthday..

I know that I talk alot about my grand daughter, "The Queen", but haven't really put a picture up of her. Well, here she is. she turned two on the first. Since, my grand son, Deondre had a birthday the 29Th and Nazariah, had hers on the 1st, we really didn't want to party all weekend. what we did do is just have dinner and cake on their day. Then (crazy us) took them along with my other grand son, Kendren, and my nephew, and my brother's girlfriend's THREE girls to Chuckie Cheese. Yeah, I know. I am with kids all day everyday. Why the hell would I do this to myself? I am still asking myself that question! LOL

Over all, the day went pretty well. But the Queen doesn't like Chuckie Cheese himself. He is ugly and scary!

This is what I had to look at Friday night. she got a new swimsuit, roller blades and baby stroller. I think I will get her ready to be America's Next Top Model. Only a two year old could pull this outfit off.

Oh, and she loves the Disney Princesses. So her Aunt brought her this little getup. Everyday is a experience with Nazariah around. she demands attention & I must say she gets what she wants!

Do you have?

Do you have a box or area in your home, full of projects that you need to finish? I have a box, a area, and three shelves in a closet! I have the energy to do the work. Do I commit to the work? Ah, no. I find something else that grabs me and I pour myself into that. I have knitting, scrapbooking, sewing, soaping, quilting, just to name a few.
I am making a commitment to finish at least three things a week until I can see the bottom. I made a list. I need to make room to the new stuff that I want to get. I live in a medium size apartment, not to many closets, and a basement that is full! Once I started having grand kids, the items just appear out of no where.
I will get these things done. I might die or go crazy trying, but I will get it done! Wish me luck!