Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Getting things done..

Well, I spent this past weekend getting things done around the house. I started to paint and fix a few things. I called the handyman, he is coming to the house early next week. I have all but three papers complete. I was on a roll.

I locked the door and turned on my music on Sunday. I would not even answer the phone until after noon. Some were mad but I really didn't care. I think if I do the same again this weekend, all the things that I can do will be done.

I spent the better part of the day yesterday getting paperwork done. Yes, I still had kids but I did it. Today I will get end of the month things done. I have someone coming over later about child care for third shift. Not that I need anymore kids. But she is in need and hey it is money. I know what your saying, money is not everything. Well, it's not but it helps pay the bills. Plus, there are things momma wants!

So, I must close for now. work calls. Hope everyone has a wonderful day!

Friday, April 24, 2009

Why is it that some people don't take their jobs seriously? If that is the case, change jobs and find one that makes you happy. Try doing a job you enjoy. When people don't take their job seriously, it affects others in ways they have no clue about. This makes me want to scream!!

As I have said before, I run a Day Care. Most of the kids are family members or very close friends. I take this seriously! I care for kids. Even if I work for myself, I have to answer to others for just about everything I do. Kids, Parents, Department of Social Services & most of all, the State of New York!

My house has to be a safe, clean, & nurturing environment. I have to keep very detailed paperwork. I have deadlines, reports, everything any other business has. I have strangers who come into my home and inspect EVERYTHING!

I started this business 5 years ago. I had two people come in from the county and inspect inside and out. I had to complete 30 page application. Get state clearance for child abuse. Have a physical, TB testing, radon testing, the whole nine yards. Not to mention, insurance agents come and reinspect. I passed everything with flying colors. The state gave me a license, I have a contract with the county. I make decent money. I have to have at least two inspection a year. I have never had more than two things wrong. Dumb things that could be corrected in a matter of minutes. That is just one aspect of the business. We won't go into the food componet of it all.

So, I ask you, why after 5 years, I have an inspection and I came very close to failing because of something that should have been caught 5 years ago from at least 6 people? Now, I have to do work triple time and spend who knows how much money to fix this mess!

Where are these people who let all of this slide you ask? Gone! Moved on to different jobs. Making someone's life a mess. Hell, I don't know. But I do know this...If I could see & talk to them right now, They would REALLY not like what I have to say.

Okay, I guess I am done. It just makes me sick. All this time and money I have to waste. As if I have that so readily available.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

"I can do that!"

When looking online for different methods of soaping, I ran across felted soap. Wow, is all I could say. I looked at all kinds of felted soap. After a week of looking, I said, "I can do that!" My mind started to work over time. I logged in Etsy to look for wool. I can not get wool from anywhere where I live. I found many beautiful wools. But the ones above grabbed me. I grabbed the card (my down fall) and ordered away. Above is "Daffodils" and "Valentine", I got them from Chimera.

Once they came in I hurried to felt them. I have made felted bags before. One Christmas I went alittle crazy with the bags. So, the feting process was not totally new to me. Below, is the first bar I felted. as you can see, I needed to spread out the wool better. I have a few lumps.

This is my second try. This one came out much better. (My picture taking is not great but I think you can see the felting. It did not take to long to do each bar. I think the first one about 30 minutes, second 20. With anything, practice makes perfect. I have alot more wool left so I will be felting more soap.
But, now I have to try it out. I am hooked at this beautiful outcome. The things you learn. You are never to old to try new things! It was fun and nerve racking at the same time. I wanted to see the finished product right away. I think I will pull the knitting needles out, felt up some small bags with similar colors of the soap and use them for my packaging.
when my partner comes over, I am sure she will love these too. But I am glad she is on vacation so Grandma can felt these by herself, I can't imagine the mess with her helping me!

Monday, April 13, 2009

Glad it's over

Well, I for one am glad that Easter is over. I love my family but I like not seeing them that much. I had myself all ready for atleast one argument, heated discussion or something. I am happy no such thing happened. The first time in many years!

The kids got along, my uncle kept them busy. The old bitties kept their comments to their selves. The young folks just eat and played on cell phones. It was very nice.

Nazariah was not happy with the scent of her soap. "No smell, it's broke." I assured her it was not "broke", I guess she was okay with that answer. She then (without anyone really paying attention but grandma), went around and took every ones soap. She had a gift bag filled. After about an hour, I got every one's soap back. Came home and got another bar of a different kind and gave it to her. I don't know what I am going to do with her!

I hope everyone else had a nice Easter day. Just two weeks and I have three birthday parties in two weekends. Fun......Wow!!

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter!

Happy Easter!

This day finds me at a lose of sorts. I have been a mother for so many years. Now a grandmother. Things change, people change. My daughter is hosting Easter dinner today. That leaves me much free time. I have to only cook a few items. I am used to putting on the whole spread.

So, I decided to whip up something for my little bunny. My partner in my soaping ventures. Nazariah, smells every soap, puts labels on, and helps me clean up.

She takes a bar of each and every soap for herself. Never asks, just tells me that it is hers. Puts it in her backpack and moves on to the next chore. Mind you she is only 23 months old!

So, this year grandma is not doing the candy thing. They get WAY to much. So grandma bought each an outfit and made them each a bar of soap. Each bar made with them in mind. Above is Nazariah's soap. It is made with a clear base and I put an Easter eraser in each bar. She will be alittle upset, I put no fragrance in them. I was worried that the fragrance might cloud the soap.

I can't wait until she comes for dinner at Auntie's house. Now, she really has her own soap!

Happy Easter to all. May all of you be blessed this day and always.

Friday, April 10, 2009

Late last night

Have you ever been so tried? I mean, dead dog tried. MY whole body hurt from being so tried. I took a hot shower, lotion up, and hit the bed. Couldn't even read my 5 pages, couldn't keep my eyes open. (you know the same paragraph read 4 times)

I just want to know why someone called me at 2 am. No, 2 am! Are you serious? Of course, it was someone I didn't want to talk too. Hell, I don't even want to talk to them at 2 pm! But once that phone wakes you up, sleep is gone. Your mind says, "that's enough."

So, I was up from then on. But I think I should get up at that time more often. My creative juices were flowing.

This is a new Lavender Flowers I came up with. It is made from Goat's Milk base. I like how my coloring went inside and to the bottom. I never really liked Lavender before making soap. I am starting to like it. One of these bars is going to a dear friend, just because.
Here is Cucumber Melon. I put some green and yellow coloring in. That is gold mica on the top. Way to much mica, my hand slipped and alot came out. I was mad at first but once it was done, I love it. This is for the daughter in law. She has been bugging me since I started making soap. I know this is her fave scent but not mine! I hate the smell. But I love her and she is the mother of my grand kids so..........

My aunt has always told me, "what's done in the dark will come out in the light". I know she was talking about "Other" things, but I like what came out of last nights darkness.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

I'm gonna do it!

Well, I sent in my application for the craft show in July. I wasn't nervous when I was filling out the app. I wasn't nervous when I was putting everything together. But now that it is in the mail, I am nervous!

I don't know why. If I get accepted, fine. If I don't, that is fine too. Then, on my way to the post office I was told to try for three other shows. I am thinking. I don't know if I can do that many shows. My day care business keeps me real busy. I don't know how I find the time to even do any soaps. I have kids from 5:30 a.m. to 11:30 p.m. atleast three nights a week. On the other nights, I work until atleast 9:00. Maybe just one.

But I want to think my "friends" who gave me the advice. I listened and decided to just jump!
I'll let you know if I get accepted.