Monday, March 30, 2009

Online Art Award..

I received an online Art Award. I got this award from Delores is a talented soaper, who writes a very good blog. I am just dying to try some of her soaps. Why she picked me, I have no idea. I am just a newbie in the soapmaking world. I have many things to learn but will enjoy learning from experienced soapers like herself. I very much appreciate the gesture! Things like this are a great boost for the ego.

I guess the rules of this award is that you have to list seven things or people that you are passionate about. You are then to list the person who gave you the award, the award logo and seven other bloggers you feel are wothy of this award in a post on your blog.

Seven things I am passionate about:
  1. My Grandkids - I would do and say anything on thier behalf. They have changed this grandma in ways they will never know.
  2. Romance Books - they take me away from the stress and hassles of everyday life.
  3. Gardening - calms my soul.
  4. Soapping - nuture my creative side.
  5. Walks - me time is a wonderful thing.
  6. NASCAR - nutures the "wild" side that I put away once I became a grandma.
  7. Shopping - never know what is out there waiting just for you!

The Seven blogs are:

  1. Daisy Girl Soap -
  2. All NAPTURAL -
  3. The Soap Seduction -
  4. Annie's Goat Hill -
  5. Soapaholics Anonymous -
  6. Soap & the finer things in life -
  7. Soapylove Daily ditties -


While raking my yard, I had to stop and look at my poor rose bushes. These are just two of them. I have four bushes right now but have been looking to buy more. I know this will make the old man VERY happy. But here are two of them brown and naked. My poor babies.
I love Roses! Any color, any variety. I just love Roses!
I wanted some Roses so bad that I went to the store, not the flower shop. Cost to d*** much. I went to the supermarket. I found some beautiful pink Roses. As soon I picked them up the smell got to me. They relax me. Crazy I know but that is what flowers do to me.

As you can see, my main helper Nazariah ( granddaughter #1), had to smell them and report back. " They 'mell pretty Bam Ma."

While eating lunch and looking at my pretty flowers, the wheels were turning. So while the kids were napping, I got out some tools. Haha. I could not help myself. Below you will see my Bath Petals. They were made from silk petals, Rose Fragrance, clear soap base. They look very nice in a small dish. The smell is just enough to scent a room.

These are my Wavey Rose Bars. Rose Fragrance, Red coloring, clear soap base. I just love them. I used my wavey cutter and then cut them uneven. That gave them more waves. I guess I did good because when my helper awoke, she went and got some plastic wrap, took a bar off the table, wrapped up the bar the best she could, she is not even two yet. That bar found a new home. She must have a bar of each soap I make. That is after she 'mells it to see if she likes it.

I know the warmer weather is coming so my Roses will bloom. Not to mention ALL my other flowers. I have a small yard that becomes a large flower garden in the summer. Every one says I over do it. I tell them "if I don't play in the dirt, one of you would be dead right now." Now I get flowers to plant for Mother's Day, or just because it is Sunday. I guess my family and neighbors want to live just one more day.
I believe that it is time for the nice weather to come. Right about now, I need some dirt to play in!

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Should I or shouldn't I???

I have been asked by a friend to do a craft show. Well, it is more like be a vendor at a festival in our area in July. It is a weekend long event. I am unsure if I think that I am ready. I have the product, I am working very hard on my labeling. I just don't know if I am ready for that big leap!

I enjoy what I do and others are enjoying the end result. But these others are my friends and family. I know I really should not care to much what others outside of my circle feel, but I can't help it.

I have only a week to fill out the application and submit it. Then comes the hard part...waiting for a appectance/denial letter. Who knows what I am going to do. I must think real hard. Do I stay in my little safe world or do I take that leap of faith and just do it?

This past weekend...

I was alittle busy over this past weekend. But I have found that soaping is a form of relaxing for me. I love trying different things out and finding what works for me. I know that I like color. Lots of color! Scents come in second. Below, are some hand soaps that I made. Apple fragrance with silk flowers and marbles. I only made three to start. I was unsure how they would turn out. But to my surprise they turned out great. Here are some Bath Salts. They are Lavender/Vanilla. Colored light purple and Teal. I added some Lavender buds also. The bags are Beige and light Lavender. The smell is great. But I should have gone with different colored bags. But they came out pretty all the same.

This is some Goat's Milk soap. No scent, played with color. Neons. they are pretty but the color did not continue all the was down. I will work on that because I like the color that I did get.

Friday, March 20, 2009

I am so happy that my form of networking is working. I have a busy weekend ahead of me. I have requests for at least 10 intro bags. I also have a high school friend coming in town this weekend. She got in touch with me on Facebook last night wanting some soap. she will be picking it up this weekend.

Also, while I was working my other job, my daughter called to ask if I could get some samples together. She has some co-workers asking about the soap. I am in a good place right now. I feel that nothing can stop me.

I ordered some supplies, checked inventory, and am pulling it all together. I even made some more soap.

I guess I better not slack to much anymore! Just wish I didn't have to work 14 hours today!!

Ends taken off..

I bite the dust and trimmed my ends. I had about 2 inches taken off and here is what I was left with. I have worn my hair like this before. I am comfortable with this style.
Since cutting my hair I have seen that it looks healthy and has a shine to it. Now I am hoping that it will grow, grow, grow!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Back in the game..

I am back up and moving! I made up these shower gels the other night. Even able to make up labels. I was so happy they turned out so well. I added so glitter to some and left the others plain. I used some last night and smelled so yummy! I used Satsuma fragrance. I must buy some more fragrances. I will be making more.
These bars were made up Saturday night. I used Butterfly Hugs fragrance. My daughter said they look like they have Jolly Ranchers candy inside. They look so pretty and spring like. I really don't want to give them away!
I am off to order supplies. I am ready to make some soap, woo hoo!!

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Falling off....

Well, I feel that I have fallen off the soapmaking trail. I haven't made anything all week. Shame on me. But I did put together a basket and a box. Both left the house yesterday. I delievered the basket. I mailed the box to Florida. I hope both enjoy the goodies they got.

Just my way of networking. I really need to network more but with the job I have during the day and the cold and snow, sometimes it is hard for me. I can't wait until Spring/Summer. Hopefully by then, I will have alot more product to offer.

I am pretty sure that I will. A nice person, I want to call a friend, sent me a book of "how to" melt & pour. I have the book just about finished. I got it on tuesday. She will be getting a basket of goodies when I am done to show my thanks!

So, I must close for now. I have muffins in the oven for the kids. I want to freeze them so I don't have to take time to make more in the near future! (LOL) I need that time to make soap!

Friday, March 6, 2009


Sorry I ranted like I did earlier. I had a bunch of things on my mind. But now that it is all off my chest, the sun is shinning, & my granddaughter gave me a great big hug, I feel better!

Sorry again. But sometimes you need to act like a fool. In my case, it's alot.


I just sit and shake my head. I mean damn, I am 42 years old. I raised three kids all by myself. I have been married twice (still in the second one). I am a grandmother of four. Why do I get sh** for doing what I want to do?
Your wasting your time, your wasting your money, what do you think your doing? I hear this everyday. It is making me sick.
If you don't like what I am doing, please leave my house! Leave the space where I get my air. Just leave me the hell alone!
Why do people feel that they can say and do anything they want but when you get ready to do it, all hell has to break out? I guess I was raised in different times and my Aunt taught me when to speak & when to just let things go. I was raised that you respect your elders at all costs. Taught that somethings are better left unsaid. My grandfather told me once,"if you smile, they have no idea what your thinking". That is how I live.
With my own kids, I have learned (the hard way) to let go. They need to make their own mistakes. Once I got the basics down, it has been heaven. I don't want to be all up in their business.
I feel that I don't need someone always in my space, face or bed! I can do bad all by myself. I am trying to better myself. I have goals I must reach at all costs. If I lose people along the way, then they were really not suppose to be there. If you want to support me, fine. But if you don't, that's okay too.
I was there when they did their thing. I was there when the sh** hit the fan. I had mop, broom, garbage bag ready. Sometimes I even had the checkbook out with pen in hand. Just because I feel that I need to let go of some of the strees and bull that was in my life, I am wrong? No, I am not the one who is wrong. Things have never been more right! I have let go of alot of things and if my happiness depends on letting go of even MORE, bye bye, see ya later, peace be with you! 2009 is all about what Arnita wants, feels and needs.
Maybe I sound a little harsh. But no one is gonna break my spirit, determination, or my faith in myself. I know I can. I know I will. It may not be tomorrow, but it will happen!!

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Blog Reading

I had no idea that there were so many people out there blogging. Let alone how big the soaping world online was. I started reading my fave blogs and ended up "finding" at least 20 more. Now, I didn't get a chance to read them all. But at midnight (I started at 7:30) I called it quits. Plus, I was suppose to be working. Thank God for cartoons!
When reading ones blog, they mentioning some other blog, and so on, and so on... Not all have good info. But most not only have good info, but everyone is so helpful!!
and the soaping community online is the Best! I just wish I had decided to join this community a long time ago.
It is like one great big family!
I am real glad that I am like a distant cousin!! Hopefully, I will be able to read the blogs I bookmarked last night. I know they will point me in the right direction to other Great blogs/soapers.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Props for Vintage Fresh Soaps

I got a rebatching kit the other day from Vintage Fresh Soap. I wanted to try all methods of soap making. I found that the price was good for all that you got in the kit. For $25 plus shipping, I got 2 pounds of base, kelp powder, green tea fragrance & avocado butter. Heidi also added printed out instructions and two sample bars of her soap. (Both smell heavenly). While I was waiting for my package to arrive, I read her blog many times. I also read a few others. I wanted to make sure I was ready for this.
It took me about 1 1/2 hours to grate the base. I put it in the crock pot to melt. It took some time to melt this way but for that I was happy. I am a multitask er. I really try hard not to be, but it is there. This is what the base looked like before anything was added.

Once I had a mushy mess in the pot, I added all the additives plus 1/2 cup of milk. What a sight and smell. It was not really smelling that good. Once I was sure that everything was mixed well, I put it in the mold.

Now comes the worse part, the wait. I love the coloring, not so much the smell. I found that it was easy to do. Heidi does an excellent job explaining the whole method. The packaging was great. The turn over time was also nice. I know for a fact I will be a repeat customer!

Now, I must venture into a different method for the month of March. Who knows what I can get into!