Saturday, December 19, 2009

Peppermint, Christmas time or all the time?

Why is Peppermint attached to Christmas? I have always wondered that. I love Peppermint anytime but you really hear and smell it around the holidays. Here, I made a peppermint snowflake. I sprinkled alittle Gold Mica in the mold first. I do love the color Gold anytime also. I just used Peppermint F.O. because I was in a hurry. I enjoy the E.O. much better!

I think this winter , I want to try some methods that look interesting, Play with some different oils. Try and get ready for spring time. Look into some different marketing venues also. the day care business is slow right now, so now is the time to really throw myself into the other business.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Still trying the natural hair!

I am still wearing my hair natural. Some days are easy, some days are hard. I have never spent so much time washing, conditioning, and styling my hair ever! I have been getting alot of feedback about the way my hair looks. To my surprise, most positive. I complain about the time invested in my hair but once I style it, I love the way it looks.

I feel so free wearing my hair in it's natural state. Once now, I put a texturizer in my hair because it was getting crazy and my braider was booked. Having one person to braid my hair is hard because I go by her schedule. The other braider moved out of town. So, I have been trying to braid my own hair. Two braids is looking good. Anything else, I'm working on it.

I really wish I had the guts and confidence to wear my hair in it's natural state years ago.

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Hello Again!

Hello again all,

I have been gone for awhile, life takes you on different paths at different times in your life. But I found my way back.

Sooo, much has happened in the last few months. I turned the hoppy (soapmaking) into a business, did my first show, and recieved my fifth grandchild. Now, here comes the holiday season.

Here is a picture of my table at my first show. The show for others was a disappointment. There was not alot of traffic for a two day show. Plus, there were like five other shows the same days. I felt it was just right for me. I did not get slammed, or overwhelmed. I was not there for alot of the time because I still had to work my other job. Asked for the time off, but no one was listening I guess. But my daughter, Elizabeth, worked the whole show. Did I mention, she was nine months along? She knows everything there is to know about the soaps from beginning to end. So we have decieded that she will be the public face of the soap line. I do enjoy behind the "velvet" rope. We signed up for another show but had to back out due to family things happening. But we will be ready for the spring!

I will try and write more now, seeign that there is so much to fill in from my "trip". Stay tuned.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

No soap, but I have some scrubs!

So...I haven't made any soap. I had every intention to make some. I even went to my "lab", and looked around. I spent about four hours down there and came up with no soap. I, did, however, come up with some scrubs and organized supplies.

This week I have been again giving out samples. I have been asked by many, many people. My friends asked why I wasn't selling soap. My answer was easy..I don't want to! I figure, the first bar/sample is free. If/when you come back a little fee may be imposed. Third time, I gotcha and it is gonna cost ya.

I have had 10 third timers! I must be doing something right. Tonight, I will be working on more scrubs. I have many people asking for them. I have to make some soap this weekend for the swap I am in. So I will report on how that turns out later.

Happy Soaping my friends!

Monday, June 29, 2009

So I didn't make anything.....

Okay, last Sunday I was planning on making some soap. Well, I didn't make any soap that day or any other day since. I was disappointed in myself at first. Then I was glad that I was otherwise busy with my soap. I spent most of my free time this week, re-cutting my soap. I cut down full size bars to make samples bars. checked inventory, supplies, made a shopping list, and networked (by phone, email & Facebook). So Thursday, Friday & Sunday, I was on the road. I delivered soap. Alot of soap. Two people I threw in some rolls. (they had been asking for some).

Two people I delivered to on Thursday, called Saturday night wanting full size on Sunday. So now, what I had in the basement is almost gone. Well, by my standards. So the fun truly begins. I have some room to store new things. But I feel that my scrubs go faster than the soap. Go figure.

Next week I have a long weekend. I think I will work my butt off on all my other "things", so I can have a soaping weekend. sound good? Sounds GREAT to me!

Have a good week and Happy Soaping my friends. Talk to ya next week!

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Taking a break

Today is raining and just a blah day. I am taking a break from the house "revamping", I think after catching up on my blog roll, I will make some.....soap! Yes, I said it. Now I am gonna do it.

I have alot of fragrance leftovers. You know, alittle here, alittle there. So, I will be on a mission to use them ALL today. Some way, some how.

I will let you know how I or they do!

Wish me luck!

Friday, June 19, 2009


Well, I am back. It has been awhile. I have so much going on and really didn't feel like writing.

I have had some major changes come into my life. I did not respond well to them. But everyday is getting better. While the major changes were unwanted, I have made some minor changes that were not really wanted but needed.

I have been changing things around the house. working so much that when I do get to bed, I just drop. I have made so kind of change in every room. The major changes, kitchen & my bedroom.
I love the changes! I never really used color before. My husband was a plain kind of man. So...... Color is the first word people say when they come over. The second...Wow!

My kitchen is a warm chestnut brown. For curtains, I went with a orange with small yellow & green flowers. Cleaned out cupboards, moved appliances around. I enjoy cooking much more.

My bedroom was soft beige walls, black & grey bedspread. Some ugly like beige & Burgundy curtains. Well, the walls are still the same color but the curtains are red. Yes, I said red. Bright red with white flowers. Bedspread is not quite done. (I am making) But it has red, black, & white in it. Brightened the room bunches.

I know my friend, Mary tells me all the time, "baby steps", but I had to take big kid steps right now. It is part of my grieving process. Everyone grieves in their own way and in their own time. this is how I am doing my.

I also have been exercising, losing weight, changed my hairstyle, growing my nails. Many changes now, let's see how long they last!