Tuesday, May 26, 2009

More time coming...

The start of a new month sometimes brings just a "new" start. I have been told that my hours for the day care will be cut. I have lost one little boy because Mom is having her baby next week. then the other Mom is going on a Volunteer Layoff for three weeks. As with any other business, things are not great. They asked employees to please take time off.

So, now that I will only have three kids for the next few weeks, I have "time" to soap!! Hopefully, I can give my soaping some major time. I so miss it. I will do as much as I can because the month after, My hours increase. I guess I will be thinking and working on Fall and holiday soap.

Life is crazy at times. But I love life, so I just have to take my time, plan out my time and enjoy the ride!


  1. It just may end up being a blessing that you have time to soap, and to think about soap. I bet you really get creative! Not that you aren't already. :) I can see stories on their way...

  2. Use this time to renew & reflect. Isn't it great that you discovered cp soaping, now you have time to experiment. If you need any tips you can email me or phone me.