Thursday, July 23, 2009

No soap, but I have some scrubs!

So...I haven't made any soap. I had every intention to make some. I even went to my "lab", and looked around. I spent about four hours down there and came up with no soap. I, did, however, come up with some scrubs and organized supplies.

This week I have been again giving out samples. I have been asked by many, many people. My friends asked why I wasn't selling soap. My answer was easy..I don't want to! I figure, the first bar/sample is free. If/when you come back a little fee may be imposed. Third time, I gotcha and it is gonna cost ya.

I have had 10 third timers! I must be doing something right. Tonight, I will be working on more scrubs. I have many people asking for them. I have to make some soap this weekend for the swap I am in. So I will report on how that turns out later.

Happy Soaping my friends!


  1. Ok woman! Pics? Shop? You can't tease us like this...LOL! Good deal on the third-timers though.

  2. I am looking forward to your scrubs in my swap package. I received sugar scrubs from The CNY Soapmakers Gathering and I love them so much, especially for my face.