Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Still trying the natural hair!

I am still wearing my hair natural. Some days are easy, some days are hard. I have never spent so much time washing, conditioning, and styling my hair ever! I have been getting alot of feedback about the way my hair looks. To my surprise, most positive. I complain about the time invested in my hair but once I style it, I love the way it looks.

I feel so free wearing my hair in it's natural state. Once now, I put a texturizer in my hair because it was getting crazy and my braider was booked. Having one person to braid my hair is hard because I go by her schedule. The other braider moved out of town. So, I have been trying to braid my own hair. Two braids is looking good. Anything else, I'm working on it.

I really wish I had the guts and confidence to wear my hair in it's natural state years ago.


  1. I think it looks nice. I have different hair than yours, of course, but I prefer the more natural look myself. Even with ladies that dive into the coloring, it is okay for a while, but sometimes the older we get the better we look with natural color. Love you, Mary