Sunday, February 15, 2009

Happy Valentine's Day....

Yesterday was Valentine's Day! I spent the afternoon doing what I love. Making soap and candles. I must say I was on a roll until about 9:00 P.M.. I was making stupid mistakes. I think I just was done!

What I did get done was some nice looking soap. I made a Monkey Farts with a slight green swirl. The smell was great but the swirl was not what I was looking for but I am happy with what I got. I also made a Hawaiian Ginger out of Goat's milk. I like the smell but the Mica didn't come out that good. I realized what I had done. I will be fixing that the next time I do that one.

My candles turned out better this time. I made three different kinds. The house smells so good! I didn't get any flowers but it sure smells like it. Much cheaper too! I enjoy working with the soy now. I read a couple more blogs and websites on the "How to" tip. (Thanks Patrice!) Now comes the testing. The other candles that I felt I messed up, smell and burn great. My friend just loves them. She had come over to check out some soap and liked the candles.

I am getting the hang of all this. I am really enjoying myself. Not only with creating but reading what others are doing.

I may have missed the holiday, but I enjoyed my day all the same!

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