Tuesday, February 10, 2009

This past weekend...

I was trying my hand at making Soy candles. Well, I need to work on it some more. I mean, they came out okay but I am not happy with the end results. So this weekend I will be at it agin.
I like the smells and coloring but I have to work on the sink holes and air bubbles. I really want to get the hang of this. I love Soy candles and enjoy making them. I guess I will just work and work on them. I will not give up.

Yesterday, I spent alot of time reading the blogs and other pages of others. I find more interesting information. I have pretty much given up watching T.V.. I find more enjoyment out of being busy either working or reading. I sometimes have the T.V. on just for the sound. But I went out and bought myself a Ipod. downloaded the music and now I am ready to go!!

This morning while the kids are having their snack while watching Sesame Street, I will be ordering soap making supplies. I have pretty much used all that I had. I did inventory, so now I am ready!! This is gonna be a soap weekend. I must be ready for it. I am thinking about atleast 10 new soaps. Next weekend, I am gonna bite the bullet and try my hand at Cold process. I must try all methods. I have been doing Melt & Pour, while I very much enjoy this, I must move to the next step.

I have a feeling that Naphyri will come to light. I have nt given up the idea. Naphyri is the name of the business I want to have. Selling my candles and soaps. Funny, I came up with the name before anything else. But I believe that this is destined to be. when I first came up with the idea, I was reading a book and the main character was using soap that she made. Then my girlfriend gave me a magezine to read, there was a story about Soy candles. It is all around me, so I feel that they were all signs. Crazy huh?


  1. Soy candles are very easy to make (in my humble opinion.) They're very forgiving if you make a boo-boo. candlescience.com has a pretty basic tutoria if you want to check it out!

  2. Thanks Patrice, I think I will check it out.