Wednesday, February 25, 2009

This weekend

This is Chocolate Peppermint. Very ugly! The smell is great. I was really nervous about this one. Never know what your gonna get once you cut into it.

This is what I got. It is just beautiful! (even if it's just me). I don't know how the bottom layer formed but it adds to the whole picture. The smell was even better once the soap was cut.


  1. This one looks good enough to eat. I bet it does smell delish too!

    Do you spray your plastic molds before using or do you just pour your soap right into it?

  2. I spray them. Just with the alcohol. Should I be spaying tehm with something else or just pouring?

  3. Not sure! I haven't been brave enough to try them without lining the mold with freezer paper, but I've read that you can spray your plastic mold with cooking spray and it should work just fine. Looks like the alcohol worked for you though. I love it! Open up a shop if you haven't already!