Thursday, February 19, 2009

Here a few pictures of some of the soap that I have made. I am not happy with the out come of the picture taking and some of the soap. But I will keep trying.
Above is my Chai Tea made from Goat's Milk. Below is Lavender Flowers, also made with Goat's Milk. Colored with Purple. This was my first try at swirling. I was very pleased.
Below is my flowers for a friend. I made this with Clear Soap Base. The roses are colored with Neon Pink coloring. Scented with Best Friends Fragrance. The flowers melted alittle, but I know why, made note of it so it will not happen again. (Hopefully)

Above is another picture of Lavender Flowers. Below is what I call Carnival. White Soap Base, Transparent cubes of Red, Blue & Yellow. Scented with Tahitian Vanilla. I put it in a cake pan to mold. The smell is to die for! I love any kind of Vanilla. I have yet to try this one. But maybe real soon.

And lastly, this is my Monkey Farts. Made from Goat's Milk, colored with Neon Green. I tried my hand at swirling again. I didn't get the swirl I wanted, but I am happy with the end results!

Looking at the pictures gives me hope and encouragment. I know that I love doing this and have sooo many ideas running in my head. I may not be selling any of it anytime soon, if ever, but I sure will still making soap for many years to come!


  1. Now that's what I'm talkin' 'bout! Nice soap! Love that Monkey Farts! It's one of my all time fave scents. Good job:-D

  2. Thanks! I just love both of you guys' stuff! I can't wait to have soap looking like that.

  3. Just love your soaps. Thanks for following me.

  4. WoW - your soap looks great :o) I have also been experimenting with making my shampoo bars look better - I'm using you as a mentor :o)