Thursday, April 16, 2009

"I can do that!"

When looking online for different methods of soaping, I ran across felted soap. Wow, is all I could say. I looked at all kinds of felted soap. After a week of looking, I said, "I can do that!" My mind started to work over time. I logged in Etsy to look for wool. I can not get wool from anywhere where I live. I found many beautiful wools. But the ones above grabbed me. I grabbed the card (my down fall) and ordered away. Above is "Daffodils" and "Valentine", I got them from Chimera.

Once they came in I hurried to felt them. I have made felted bags before. One Christmas I went alittle crazy with the bags. So, the feting process was not totally new to me. Below, is the first bar I felted. as you can see, I needed to spread out the wool better. I have a few lumps.

This is my second try. This one came out much better. (My picture taking is not great but I think you can see the felting. It did not take to long to do each bar. I think the first one about 30 minutes, second 20. With anything, practice makes perfect. I have alot more wool left so I will be felting more soap.
But, now I have to try it out. I am hooked at this beautiful outcome. The things you learn. You are never to old to try new things! It was fun and nerve racking at the same time. I wanted to see the finished product right away. I think I will pull the knitting needles out, felt up some small bags with similar colors of the soap and use them for my packaging.
when my partner comes over, I am sure she will love these too. But I am glad she is on vacation so Grandma can felt these by herself, I can't imagine the mess with her helping me!


  1. I was thinking about your "partner" as I read your post, thinking she would be a good party to try your new felted soaps out. She will give you quite the honest review. You are blessed to be so close to such a darling!

    By the way, I have seen the felted soaps online too. I thought I could not muster up enough talent to make them look right. I still do not. It looks like you have a good start, especially talking about the soap bags!