Friday, April 10, 2009

Late last night

Have you ever been so tried? I mean, dead dog tried. MY whole body hurt from being so tried. I took a hot shower, lotion up, and hit the bed. Couldn't even read my 5 pages, couldn't keep my eyes open. (you know the same paragraph read 4 times)

I just want to know why someone called me at 2 am. No, 2 am! Are you serious? Of course, it was someone I didn't want to talk too. Hell, I don't even want to talk to them at 2 pm! But once that phone wakes you up, sleep is gone. Your mind says, "that's enough."

So, I was up from then on. But I think I should get up at that time more often. My creative juices were flowing.

This is a new Lavender Flowers I came up with. It is made from Goat's Milk base. I like how my coloring went inside and to the bottom. I never really liked Lavender before making soap. I am starting to like it. One of these bars is going to a dear friend, just because.
Here is Cucumber Melon. I put some green and yellow coloring in. That is gold mica on the top. Way to much mica, my hand slipped and alot came out. I was mad at first but once it was done, I love it. This is for the daughter in law. She has been bugging me since I started making soap. I know this is her fave scent but not mine! I hate the smell. But I love her and she is the mother of my grand kids so..........

My aunt has always told me, "what's done in the dark will come out in the light". I know she was talking about "Other" things, but I like what came out of last nights darkness.


  1. Oh my word!!! You made my day, "What is done in the dark comes out in the light." That is quite the statement!

    Yours newest creations are gorgeous!

  2. Been there girlfriend! You've got friends!
    Nice soap....

  3. Thank God for those creative juices - Wow those are beautiful :o)