Friday, April 24, 2009

Why is it that some people don't take their jobs seriously? If that is the case, change jobs and find one that makes you happy. Try doing a job you enjoy. When people don't take their job seriously, it affects others in ways they have no clue about. This makes me want to scream!!

As I have said before, I run a Day Care. Most of the kids are family members or very close friends. I take this seriously! I care for kids. Even if I work for myself, I have to answer to others for just about everything I do. Kids, Parents, Department of Social Services & most of all, the State of New York!

My house has to be a safe, clean, & nurturing environment. I have to keep very detailed paperwork. I have deadlines, reports, everything any other business has. I have strangers who come into my home and inspect EVERYTHING!

I started this business 5 years ago. I had two people come in from the county and inspect inside and out. I had to complete 30 page application. Get state clearance for child abuse. Have a physical, TB testing, radon testing, the whole nine yards. Not to mention, insurance agents come and reinspect. I passed everything with flying colors. The state gave me a license, I have a contract with the county. I make decent money. I have to have at least two inspection a year. I have never had more than two things wrong. Dumb things that could be corrected in a matter of minutes. That is just one aspect of the business. We won't go into the food componet of it all.

So, I ask you, why after 5 years, I have an inspection and I came very close to failing because of something that should have been caught 5 years ago from at least 6 people? Now, I have to do work triple time and spend who knows how much money to fix this mess!

Where are these people who let all of this slide you ask? Gone! Moved on to different jobs. Making someone's life a mess. Hell, I don't know. But I do know this...If I could see & talk to them right now, They would REALLY not like what I have to say.

Okay, I guess I am done. It just makes me sick. All this time and money I have to waste. As if I have that so readily available.


  1. Yep, that's a shame. Sorry you have to go through that - but I'm sure you will get through it okay :o)

  2. Dealing with the state always seems to involve a lot of red tape. I assume the ones that missed things before were past inspectors. I agree, it is a shame. I hope this change turns into something positive for you.

  3. First of all, I think being a childcare provider is admirable. I applaud you for doing that because it takes tremendous patience and a true love of children to do it.

    Secondly, there are kinks in every state agency, but I find it most disturbing when there are gross oversights in health and human services, and it's always the innocent, hardworking people who have to suffer for it.

    Keep ya head up, and enlist some of those parents and relatives to help you get up to code! It affects them too!