Monday, March 30, 2009

Online Art Award..

I received an online Art Award. I got this award from Delores is a talented soaper, who writes a very good blog. I am just dying to try some of her soaps. Why she picked me, I have no idea. I am just a newbie in the soapmaking world. I have many things to learn but will enjoy learning from experienced soapers like herself. I very much appreciate the gesture! Things like this are a great boost for the ego.

I guess the rules of this award is that you have to list seven things or people that you are passionate about. You are then to list the person who gave you the award, the award logo and seven other bloggers you feel are wothy of this award in a post on your blog.

Seven things I am passionate about:
  1. My Grandkids - I would do and say anything on thier behalf. They have changed this grandma in ways they will never know.
  2. Romance Books - they take me away from the stress and hassles of everyday life.
  3. Gardening - calms my soul.
  4. Soapping - nuture my creative side.
  5. Walks - me time is a wonderful thing.
  6. NASCAR - nutures the "wild" side that I put away once I became a grandma.
  7. Shopping - never know what is out there waiting just for you!

The Seven blogs are:

  1. Daisy Girl Soap -
  2. All NAPTURAL -
  3. The Soap Seduction -
  4. Annie's Goat Hill -
  5. Soapaholics Anonymous -
  6. Soap & the finer things in life -
  7. Soapylove Daily ditties -


  1. Thanks Lady:-D

    You deserve the recognition so take pride in it! I'm gonna grab that award from you and blog about it this week!