Monday, March 30, 2009


While raking my yard, I had to stop and look at my poor rose bushes. These are just two of them. I have four bushes right now but have been looking to buy more. I know this will make the old man VERY happy. But here are two of them brown and naked. My poor babies.
I love Roses! Any color, any variety. I just love Roses!
I wanted some Roses so bad that I went to the store, not the flower shop. Cost to d*** much. I went to the supermarket. I found some beautiful pink Roses. As soon I picked them up the smell got to me. They relax me. Crazy I know but that is what flowers do to me.

As you can see, my main helper Nazariah ( granddaughter #1), had to smell them and report back. " They 'mell pretty Bam Ma."

While eating lunch and looking at my pretty flowers, the wheels were turning. So while the kids were napping, I got out some tools. Haha. I could not help myself. Below you will see my Bath Petals. They were made from silk petals, Rose Fragrance, clear soap base. They look very nice in a small dish. The smell is just enough to scent a room.

These are my Wavey Rose Bars. Rose Fragrance, Red coloring, clear soap base. I just love them. I used my wavey cutter and then cut them uneven. That gave them more waves. I guess I did good because when my helper awoke, she went and got some plastic wrap, took a bar off the table, wrapped up the bar the best she could, she is not even two yet. That bar found a new home. She must have a bar of each soap I make. That is after she 'mells it to see if she likes it.

I know the warmer weather is coming so my Roses will bloom. Not to mention ALL my other flowers. I have a small yard that becomes a large flower garden in the summer. Every one says I over do it. I tell them "if I don't play in the dirt, one of you would be dead right now." Now I get flowers to plant for Mother's Day, or just because it is Sunday. I guess my family and neighbors want to live just one more day.
I believe that it is time for the nice weather to come. Right about now, I need some dirt to play in!


  1. Too cute!!! You're getting more creative by the day:-D

    And your grandaughter is a cutie too!

  2. Beautiful granddaughter :o) Those petals are pretty. Nice roses - I would like to have a garden our yard looks a mess.