Thursday, March 26, 2009

This past weekend...

I was alittle busy over this past weekend. But I have found that soaping is a form of relaxing for me. I love trying different things out and finding what works for me. I know that I like color. Lots of color! Scents come in second. Below, are some hand soaps that I made. Apple fragrance with silk flowers and marbles. I only made three to start. I was unsure how they would turn out. But to my surprise they turned out great. Here are some Bath Salts. They are Lavender/Vanilla. Colored light purple and Teal. I added some Lavender buds also. The bags are Beige and light Lavender. The smell is great. But I should have gone with different colored bags. But they came out pretty all the same.

This is some Goat's Milk soap. No scent, played with color. Neons. they are pretty but the color did not continue all the was down. I will work on that because I like the color that I did get.


  1. Wow - very nice :o) I like the bright color of the soap :o)

  2. love the neon's you've made me want to play with them myself.. keep up the good work x