Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Back in the game..

I am back up and moving! I made up these shower gels the other night. Even able to make up labels. I was so happy they turned out so well. I added so glitter to some and left the others plain. I used some last night and smelled so yummy! I used Satsuma fragrance. I must buy some more fragrances. I will be making more.
These bars were made up Saturday night. I used Butterfly Hugs fragrance. My daughter said they look like they have Jolly Ranchers candy inside. They look so pretty and spring like. I really don't want to give them away!
I am off to order supplies. I am ready to make some soap, woo hoo!!


  1. The label looks great :o) I like the sparkly shower gel and the soap looks beautiful :o)

  2. The soap is adorable. I love the colors. They're bright, cheery and happy.

  3. Wow! That soap does look good! Where is your shop?