Thursday, March 12, 2009

Falling off....

Well, I feel that I have fallen off the soapmaking trail. I haven't made anything all week. Shame on me. But I did put together a basket and a box. Both left the house yesterday. I delievered the basket. I mailed the box to Florida. I hope both enjoy the goodies they got.

Just my way of networking. I really need to network more but with the job I have during the day and the cold and snow, sometimes it is hard for me. I can't wait until Spring/Summer. Hopefully by then, I will have alot more product to offer.

I am pretty sure that I will. A nice person, I want to call a friend, sent me a book of "how to" melt & pour. I have the book just about finished. I got it on tuesday. She will be getting a basket of goodies when I am done to show my thanks!

So, I must close for now. I have muffins in the oven for the kids. I want to freeze them so I don't have to take time to make more in the near future! (LOL) I need that time to make soap!


  1. Hey - you should here me talking about all of the wonderful people I 'meet' on the blogs - you would think I'm talking about relatives :o)

    Thanks - I really appreciate it - freezing muffins - I never thought about that - see I learn so many helpful things from your blog :o)

  2. Okay it's really time for me to go to bed - I meant to type 'you should hear me...'

    Goodnight :o)

  3. Networking is hard. I do the "Never eat lunch alone" concept and try to eat lunch two to three times a week with other people in town, often people I don't know or barely have met. This helps me with the networking part of my job =)

  4. That's sounds like very good advice. I would do that but I work my other job 16 hours a day. I network by internet & friends. It is working so far. But again thanks for the advice.

  5. Arnita, I sometimes lose my wanting to make soap too. But part of that is busy-ness. Keep listening to the positives in your head, you want to do this, and it is creativeness for you. I hope someone talks to me too when I feel I have fallen off of the bandwagon!!