Thursday, May 7, 2009

No time..

I have not put any time aside to do ANY soaping. I have been cleaning and fixing things up. I think I am just about done except the painting the porch. I plan on doing more yard work Saturday morning.

I got the hair done last night. Like I had two hours to kill!! Well, while I was getting my hair done, I got a phone call. One friend calling mad. She was mad because she ran into another friend who talked about some of my soap. I laughed. Like she was the only one who had some. Well, then I got another call from another "friend", not really friend but we speak. She heard from someone else that I make soap and she wanted to come over right then and "smell". I am expecting her Friday.

While this makes me happy, I then realized that I need to get busy and start making some more soap. So, Friday night, I will be making soap. What kinds? Who knows what ever comes out of this crazy mind of mine.

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