Monday, May 18, 2009

Product Junkie...Who Me?

This picture was taken almost two weeks ago. These are just small box braids. They curled on their own. I haven't had any chemicals in my hair since October 2008.
I had my hair braided because I have decided to let my hair lock. People have said I am crazy, it takes to long, they look sloppy and I will look nuts! It is my hair and I want to try. Hey, if it doesn't work out or I change my mind...I shave my head and start all over. No big deal.
I would show a "now" picture but I haven't done anything to my hair since. But buy things! Many things! Too many things! I was never a product junkie. Strange huh? I mean, I am a girl. But I have always been a plain and simple girl. No time to primp, crimp, apply, reapply, gel, hairspray. Wash and go or curling iron, bump and I'm done. I had just the necessities. shampoo, conditioner, grease. I own two different sized curling irons, blow dryer, flat iron (daughter got me one, used one time.).
I went to Sally's over the weekend. Plus, I went to the supermarket. Now..... three different shampoos, three different conditioners, gel (hemp) five different oils (just for my hair). Apple Cider Vinegar, Liquid Amino's, Avocado's, clay. I can't see my dresser! I have five different silk/satin head wraps, bandannas, Two packs of shower caps. Clips bobby pins, I have it all. Then after reading a couple of blogs, there is more I want to try.
I think I am ready for whatever when it comes to my hair. I think I turned into those girls I hated in high school, minus the makeup!


  1. Arnita, I just do not know what to say...LOL.

    I, too, am a basics sort of girl. A little blush on the cheeks, nothing more. A shampoo and occasionally a conditioner. My curling iron would probably croak if I plugged it in. My hair dryer gets used more than anything, the poor thing. I want things simple.

    You will have to fill us in on what products you purchase next, and how those that you have bought work out for you!

    By the may need to purchase an organization system for your new product collections! Have fun. :)

  2. You'll just like me. I want my hair to look great but don'y want to have to spend a lot of time with it.Go with the braids or like me...twists.