Thursday, May 7, 2009

My first time..

I decided to try my hand at making soap the long way. I was first afraid of the lye (all the stories of mishaps) but what the heck. I went to the supermarket and get the oils. The basic three oil recipe. I could not find regular Palm oil so I got Red Palm oil. I didn't like the looks of it. I hated the smell of the Red Palm Oil. The Red Palm oil changed the color of the whole batch. I didn't want to add fragrance or color. Why waste it, costs to much to throw it away. This is what I got.
this is what I got after cutting the soap. Now comes the worse part. The wait. One thing I like about melt & pour, no wait! But I put my time in and waited.
Time is up! Still smelled bad. Nice and hard. I broke off a small piece and washed my hands. Not to much lather, smell wasn't as bad once I used it. My hands felt clean. Squeaky clean. Smell almost gone. Not bad for the first time. My fears are now gone. Not so bad. But I will keep this one for household use. I WILL try this again but this time with scent and color (maybe). Cheaper to make, easier to get some of the oils.
I am proud of myself. It is true what they can teach an old dog new tricks!


  1. LOL Arnita about the last thing you said!

    It sounds like you did a good job.

    I have thought about trying to make hot processed soap, have not done it. M&P, made the right way, is delightful, but something just makes me stick with the hard and long way.

    Never heard of Red Palm oil. Intersting! the color was bright!

  2. I like the color - I'm sure in no time you will become an expert - when is that 'how to' book coming out anyway so I can buy one :o)

  3. LOL Maybe like in 20 years! I had never heard of Red Palm Oil before either. Found in in the supermarket in the Natural Foods section. I won't use it again.

  4. It looks really good, congrats on a success with your first attempt. I've always wanted to try making my own soap but I have no idea where to begin. I suppose I'll have to google it or something one day. I actually like the colour of yours too!

  5. So proud of you for doing it on your own. You are trully a soapmaker. You can buy white palm oil from Soapers Choice @ Columbus Foods. Can't think of any others right now.