Sunday, May 3, 2009

Happy Birthday..

I know that I talk alot about my grand daughter, "The Queen", but haven't really put a picture up of her. Well, here she is. she turned two on the first. Since, my grand son, Deondre had a birthday the 29Th and Nazariah, had hers on the 1st, we really didn't want to party all weekend. what we did do is just have dinner and cake on their day. Then (crazy us) took them along with my other grand son, Kendren, and my nephew, and my brother's girlfriend's THREE girls to Chuckie Cheese. Yeah, I know. I am with kids all day everyday. Why the hell would I do this to myself? I am still asking myself that question! LOL

Over all, the day went pretty well. But the Queen doesn't like Chuckie Cheese himself. He is ugly and scary!

This is what I had to look at Friday night. she got a new swimsuit, roller blades and baby stroller. I think I will get her ready to be America's Next Top Model. Only a two year old could pull this outfit off.

Oh, and she loves the Disney Princesses. So her Aunt brought her this little getup. Everyday is a experience with Nazariah around. she demands attention & I must say she gets what she wants!

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  1. The queen is a beautiful gal, with a very important and special woman in her life, you!!