Thursday, May 21, 2009

My hand at CP

This is my third attempt at making CP Soap. I made this one unscented. Three different oils. Today, I tested out a small piece. Lathered up good, Non drying. I should have used a scent.
I tested the other two I made the same day as I made this one. They were both Satsuma fragrance. (I love it.) But I used different oils in each.
They both turned out good. I think I like this CP stuff! I just hate the wait. I have now made five different types of CP. I want to make more but use different oils, Goat's Milk, and who knows what else. I will still do my MP, but I do enjoy the CP method alot.
Oh, I did hear back about that fair I was trying to get a booth at. It is a no go. They have all the vendors that they need. Then just yesterday, a friend called and wanted me to try and do a Farmer's Market. I can't do it because of the Day Care. I would have to find someone to run the booth for me and at this time I have no one. But have no fear! The show will go on. I have had my first repeat customers already!


  1. I could not get in and comment on your CP I can! looks nice!

    I love the cut, and the soap looks smooth. I can tell it came out great!

  2. Thanks! I am not that happy with it, but I will keep on trying.

  3. It is beautiful Arnita. Why don't you like it? You sound like me. I want things to be perfect but that's the charm of cp soap. As long as it's made proper don't worry about the looks.

  4. These look pretty good-nice and smooth. It's good to have at least one unscented soap in your arsenal. Imperfections make the most unique-looking soaps.