Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Quiet times are learning experiences

To love like a child, to learn something new, to look at the world around us differently. Things change, people come and go. Some things stay the same. It never surprises me how true some statements are so true. Wise people before us, passing things down. You listen and think, "whatever". But when something happens that changes every thing around you including yourself, your mind goes back and you only remember half. You search for the rest and come up empty. When you are not even thinking about it anymore, BAM, to comes back and hits you like a ton of bricks.

I have always befriended older people. Older than myself. I love to listen to stories of the past, wise advice someone who has lived longer than I. Now, I know what they were talking about. You can listen but what you do with it matters most. I was told to live like I were dying, love like a child, & be ready to learn more and more each day.

I will take all of this and run with it. As things are changing so am I. I learned my lessons and am grateful for the knowledge that I now have. The future is what I see. It is bright and full of new things. I will take chances and not worry about what others say or feel. I will take the love of my family, cherish it and build upon it.

Life is good. It goes on and so will I!

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  1. Perfect statement.

    Growth happens as we live, as we gain wisdom. We can listen, and I agree refect back (when our mind allows us to pick back up on something that was said to us), but we cannot actually learn until we have experienced things ourselves.

    I am not an expert, but that is my take on it. :)